Saturday, April 29, 2006

PreMature CeLeBraTion

Had my stats paper today… It was one of the toughest I have ever attempted-Prof Kwong is really all OUT TO KILL!!! Anyway, stats was the last paper for many of my friends-except Geri, Ben and ME!!... So, after the paper, Geri and Ben went home immediately to revise for HUMAN ANATOMY, while the rest decided to have a buffet feast at Sakae Sushi.. Instead of going home, the draw-factor for BUFFET was apparently much stronger than study; hence I went with the CELEBRATING GROUP…. However, I still had my “study-conscience”. When we reached Orchard, I brought my notes down to study, while the rest went shopping.

As they were walking around Hereen, I was just following behind them reading my notes...Could feel that strangers giving me weird looks (don’t know if it is true though). Felt quite uneasy… I SHOULD NOT BE THERE AT ALL!!... Anyway, Jia wen, out of concern for me, kept asking me if I was alright- quite a nice gesture…

Jie zhu suggested that we take neo-prints as we went past the shop… Jia wen seems quite enthusiastic about it, but the guys were not ‘ON’… Anyway, we still went ahead to take the neoprint…

After the picture, we went for buffet- at last… So hungry... I gobbled down 19 plated of sushi, while Paul kept challenging mE- 不自量力.. He kept pushing himself to eat more just to win... Could see that he was struggling with the last few plates, but he still claimed that he could still eat more –what an ‘EGOIST’…Paul, please humble yourself….. Don’t let your ego grow too big, before it EXPLODES… hahaha.. (anyway, paul only finished 17 plates)… While walking out of Hereen, I noticed Paul’s epigastric region bulging out- a clear sign that he over-ate…..

(pics will be added later)


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